It is a whisky-based drink and is easy to prepare. According to the legend, it was invented during a banquet in the Manhattan Club of New York in 1874 thanks to the fervid imagination of Jennie Jerome, Winston Churchill’s mother who loved to prepare spirits for her guests.


• 70% rye whisky
• 30% red vermouth
• 1 drop of angostura
• 1 maraschino cherry
• 1 orange peel

The recipe

Firstly fill your mixing glass with some ice to cool the sides of the glass. With the help of strainer block the ice and pour out the excess water. Pour the rye whisky followed by the vermouth into the mixing glass, measuring the quantity with a jigger. Add some drops of angostura and with a bar spoon give the contents a mix. Pour into a champagne cup previously cooled in the freezer and complete your Manhattan with an orange essential oil-based garnish: squeeze a slice of orange peel to release the oils into the glass and rub the peel around the rim and stem of the glass to spread the aroma of citrus. Finish off the cocktail with a maraschino cherry.

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