High Quality of Italian Vermouth

A recipe that follows the ancient Italian tradition, the result is a perfectly balanced Vermouth, excellent to be drunk with ice or mixed with the most famous cocktails.

Bottiglia Aromae vino rosso Vermouth




All civilizations knew the importance of medicinal plants.

It was under Nero’s empire in 50 AD. that the botanist Dioscorides in an ancient and flourishing Rome writes “De Materia Medica” in which he detailed the substances and their beneficial effects on man’s health.

The era of fortified and flavoured wines had just begun.

NERONE VermouthSome History

SINCE 1973

In 1973 the Zaccagnini brothers founded their agricultural holding driven by a hobby that then became a real passion. Mario Zaccagnini managed to transmit his passion to his daughter.

The evolution of the company was favoured by particular climate conditions and ever more advanced technology that have allowed the improvement of the quality of their products and above all their vines.

Territorio Marche produzione vino rosso e vino Biaco

the perfect recipe

A recipe taken from the Marche tradition for a fine and refined vermouth

36 types of selected spices

The spices that we use for our Vermouth are 95% Italian, and there are non synthetic elements present but, only real herbal products extracted from nature.

5 years of ageing

Refinement and ageing in bottles. After a suitable period of 5 years in wood, our wines can be bottled. The refinement that takes place in glass is complementary to the ageing by cask: it refines the characteristics of the wine, defining the aromas in a clear and harmonious way.

A recipe passed down from the grandparents

A.RO.MA.E Vermouth was born from the encounter between many traditions passed down from the grandparents to children and grandchildren. The Zaccagnini family has transmitted the passion for wine, for the bottling and selection of high quality grapes to successive generations thanks to increasingly sophisticated technologies.

A unique territory: le marche

We work our products with the raw materials of Le Marche. The Marche region plays an important role in the production of white and red wines. The Marche viticulture has very ancient origins dating back to the time of the Greeks at the beginning of the fourth century B.C.

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The versatility of a unique ingredient

A cocktail that you will not find in classic recipe books. Nerone is the perfect mix to be enjoyed with our Vermouth. An ancient recipe reinterpreted for a timeless drink.


Despite the name it is a cocktail composed exclusively of Italian products. The history of the Americano has origins in the second half of the 1800s inside the bar belonging to Gaspare Campari in Milano.


Excellent as a pre-dinner aperitif it has a very high alcohol content. It takes its name from Count Camillo Negroni, who used to have an aperitif at the cafe Casoni, in Florence.


It is a whisky-based drink and is easy to prepare. According to the legend, it was invented during a banquet in the Manhattan Club of New York in 1874 thanks to the fervid imagination of Jennie Jerome, Winston Churchill’s mother who loved to prepare spirits for her guests.

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